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Get The Best Gaming Experience With The New Linksys MR8300

Gaming Router Linksys MR8300 is Every Gamer’s Wishlist!

As mobile games and video streaming takes a lot of bandwith, the new Linksys MR8300 Gaming Router addresses the growing demand for a more seamless mobile gaming and 4K entertainment experience at home. 

Jason Villados – Linksys Philippines Country Manager

Ever wondered why you still encounter game and streaming lag even with a fiber or broadband connection? The fault is from the cheap WiFi routers provided by telecom providers. Because of the low quality hardware used on the routers, that significantly affects the quality of internet connection.

The MR8300 high-performance Tri-Band router with Mesh WiFi delivers superior speeds throughout your home, essential for streaming movies, gaming online and using smart home devices. You can finally enjoy uninterrupted and lag-free mobile gaming or video streaming with your smart device!

The Linksys MR8300 feature includes:

  • MU-MIMO builds upon longtime broadcasting cornerstones to boost overall throughput and distribute bandwidth fairly between devices and perform other data-intensive tasks without latency or buffering;
  • Lower Ping Time;
  • Easy setup with the Linksys app; and,
  • Multiple Ethernet Ports.

This Monster Gaming Router is now available for the recommended retail price of PhP10,995 at Complink, Datablitz, Microvalley, Octagon Computer Superstores, PC Worx, Silicon Valley, Villman Computers, and Thinking Tools.

So get your hands on this gaming and streaming must-have and experience the difference!

For more technical product info., click here, Linksys MR8300.

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