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Designers, Artists Sets Off at The Tropical Futures Forum

International and Local Designers, Artists Converge for Ideas at the Tropical Futures Forum

The Tropical Futures Forum today, September 13, 2019, will jumpstart the many local initiatives to promote the use of creativity and design to help communities.

The goal of the Forum, according to Chris Fuusner, co-founder of the Tropical Futures Forum, is to be able to challenge and inspire local artists and designers to take risks, do meaningful activities, collaborate, and help their community.

We’ve invited some creatives that have been doing influential and impactful work across countries or in their neighborhoods, working with brands that help communities, or starting their own non-profit organizations,” said Mark Deutsch, Happy Garage organizer and Forum speaker.

World-class artists from Singapore, Tokyo, New York, Manila and Cebu took part to share their work at the Tropical Futures forum. The speakers include Motoki Koitabashi, Dan Matutina, Mikiharu Yabe. Dang Sering, Erik Tuban, Hannah Martinez Florendo, Roxy Navarro. Myka Amado, Chad Manzo, Felix Ng, Kari Lucente, and Coji Katsuyama.

The Forum is a big step towards making Cebu as the creative capital of the Philippines.

For inquiries and the list of speakers, visit their website at https://tropicalfuturesforum.com/

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