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It's All About Tableya at the Metro Supermarket Ayala Center

Make Tableya A Part of your Morning Favorite!

The Tableya is highlighted for this week as part of Metro Supermarket’s Morning Favorites Promo from August 15 to September 15 at Metro Supermarket Ayala.

Top Philippine Tableya brands such as Guilang Tableya of Argao, Malagos Chocolate of Davao, NutraRich Davao Fine Tablea, Dalareich Chocolate House of Bohol and Family’s Choice of Cebu were invited to present the history, evolution, and why we should keep it as part of our daily morning habit.

More than just a breakfast staple, Tableya is a great source of good fats that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, it can help lower blood pressure (as opposed to the myth). No wonder our grandparents lived long!

The Philippine Cacao, which is what Tableya is made from, is considered as one of the best variant in the world to make fine grade chocolates.

But buying the local Tableya isn’t just about being healthy , it’s also about supporting local products and our farmers. So next time you do your grocery at the Metro Supermarket, make sure to get your Tableya!

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