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For Better or for Worse, CBS Forever - 12th Founding Anniversary!

February 14 is a special day for all people on earth. It’s a LOVE day – all kinds and forms of love. But aside from this worldwide celebration, February 14 is also the day which Cebu’s premier Blogging organization, Cebu Bloggers Society is born. Indeed, our beloved CBS is celebrating its 12th year anniversary today!

CBS Members during the 11th Christmas Party

As the founder, I’ve been so passionate for the growth of CBS, my family of Bloggers. The new members might not see it from day to day basis but I know the pioneering members who have witnessed me from day 1 will surely know and understand. It is not easy to support an organization while you are dealing with your career and education. I still remember in the year 2008 I struggled with my work while pursuing my Bachelor’s degree  – Twas tiring but for me, fun!

CBS Members during the 11th Christmas Party

Fast track to 2020, CBS has matured! In this Social Media era, CBS has still energy and enthusiasm in terms of blogging and SocMed. Passion and innovation are key! CBS has been a training ground for Blogging leaders in Cebu. No doubt about that! If you see successful Bloggers or SocMed movers in Cebu, google his or her name and surely, he or she is somehow connected to our beloved Cebu Bloggers Society. And I’m a proud father.


On our 12th year as the premier and largest blogging organization in the Visayas-Mindanao area, Cebu Bloggers Society takes the challenge in making blogging and its active members more relevant even with the rise of social media influencers.” Said Cebu Bloggers Society President, Migo Variacion.  “Most social media influencers today focus on themselves and their partnered brands as accessories. With CBS, we make sure that the focus is on how we can effectively promote brand collaborations to our followers. It’s not just about how many brands we ‘ve collaborated, but it’s on how many brands have grown their sales because of CBS thru blogging. And that’s what sets us apart and why we’re still on demand.” He added.

Just like a normal family, siblings cannot learn everything within the family. They need to reach out, explore outside the circle and of course, share with the members whatever it is that can benefit them. That’s why we treasure our partners as much as we treasure our CBS members.


Nominated as the VP of the leading bloggers and influencers of Cebu Bloggers is such a challenging and humbling role at the same time. Exceeding Our clients’ expectations should be our motivation to do our craft to its fullest. A humbling experience as you describe it because you keep learning from each other, from the ones who were there before you and the new generation of influencers who look up to you. But the best thing is, we keep CBS growing…we make sure that we can pass it to the next generation as we truly live by our hashtag #CBSForever” said our Vice-President, Glyth Villamor-Lamprea.

And of course, how can a ship sail smoothly without its captain? A year after I founded Cebu Bloggers Society, I became its President and it’s the best thing in my blogging life. I learned a lot from the members. I grow with them. I share some input and at the same time, they share their thoughts. We, together grow in CBS.  As I learned in a first-hand experience, I realized it is not really easy to be a leader and that’s why I am committed to supporting all officers, past or current in their goals and objectives for the good of the members and the organization.


Kim Charlie, VP-Finance said “Being a CBS officer is an opportunity for us to lead with dedication and passion to serve our fellow local bloggers. This enables us to become better leaders in shaping the growing blogging community.

We have our own differences and those imperfections make us perfect in our own way. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, CBS FOREVER.



Your Founder,
Mark M. Monta

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