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How CBS Members are Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

People all over the world have been adjusting to the “new normal” due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Not being allowed to leave your homes, other people losing their jobs, and small businesses closing down, this surely is a very difficult time for everyone. Cebu has been on community quarantine for almost three months now and social media pages are currently flooded with creative posts showing how Cebuanos are coping with today’s crisis. But why don’t we check on our very own Cebu Bloggers Society members to see how they are doing at this uncertain time?

CBS Executive Officers and Board Of Trustees during their online meeting amidst the Covid-19

“I won’t forget this pandemic. This brings out the good and worst of people. Aside from personal and family struggles, a number of businesses are affected tremendously. Not to mention those small and new enterprises which are hit very hard. In my part, I was assigned to work from home with some reduction in working hours. I don’t complain as long as my work is still there but I feel sorry to some of my friends who got reduced to 100%. All should be well soon!

On a brighter note, I got the whole day of bonding with my family, nephews, and nieces by watching movies every night, listening to our fave KPOP, and of course doing some workout from home routine.” – says CBS Founder, Mark Monta of www.facecebu.net


“I live alone in my studio and so I thought of documenting my pandemic experience through recording videos of my cooking sessions that are budget-friendly, easy-to-cook, and healthy since I’m a pesco vegetarian. These videos are posted on my YouTube channel and blog for others to follow especially those who are trying to learn a skill in home cooking. Fast-track to the future, it could be a nice plethora of throwback kitchen cooking to watch.” – Xerxes Bernadez of www.hersheykisses.me

Xerxes Bernadez preparing her food

“To release the mental stress brought about by the pandemic, we unleashed our creative side. Me, a 46-year old doing acting Tiktoks and my wife painting using acrylic. Of course, we have our dogs to keep us company.” – Doc. Narciso Tapia of www.cebumd.blogspot.com

Doc. Narciso Tapia with his babies

“Eating and staying healthy is very important especially in these trying times. So as a family, we always try to create our weekly meal plan and do our best to stick to it. The meal plan allows us to plan ahead especially since we have limited options in terms of ingredients.” – Ley Romarate of www.thecebuano.com

Leyland Romarate with his mother

“Well me and my mom are braving this quarantine life with too much Netflix Kdrama. Also, I keep myself busy with my online live show as well as my vlogging on my YouTube channel.” – Alem Garcia of Hello, Alem Garcia

CBS Pride, Alem Garcia with her beautiful mom

“Comfort food. It’s all about comfort food during the past few weeks. We recognize how food invoke fond memories whether it was homemade or came from a favorite restaurant.” – Margaux Camaya of www.thevisualtraveler.net

Margaux Camaya’s comfort food

“Both me and the husband are working from home, so we are used to staying at home most of the time. But even with that, we still had to adjust to the current situation like for instance, the husband had to learn grocery shopping on his own and instead of going to visit for family events we suffice ourselves to just doing it online.

How do we cope up? We try our best to use our extra time to be more productive as possible. Currently, we had been attending more webinars, reading more on my end, and learning a new programming skill for my husband.”
–Geezelle Tapangan-Maningo of www.geemiz.com/

Geezelle Tapangan-Maningo with her hubby

“My family is in Pangasinan, so I’m living alone here in Cebu. Sometimes, I record myself singing since I don’t have someone to talk to. My work has also been affected by the pandemic, so I’m now jobless and living with my savings.” – JP Abecilla of www.jpabecilla.com

“I’m coping with this pandemic through learning, adapting to new things, and doing activities I’ve never done before in the safety of our homes. Exercising my skills in cooking, meditating, and keeping my blog and social media accounts updated. Never stop doing more creative things to inspire more of your readers.” – Kim Charlie of www.iamkimcharlie.com

“Coping with a pandemic like this is very challenging but what relaxes me right now is gardening. It has always been touted as a recreational activity that can provide great personal rewards. During this time, gardening has a positive outcome for both me and my kids. It’s a great bonding moment for us. There are certain, very stabilizing forces in gardening that can ground us when we are feeling shaky, uncertain, and terrified. It’s these predictable outcomes, predictable rhythms of the garden that are very comforting right now. It has this positive control, a feeling of ‘Hey, I did this, I did something good here.’ that also seems like a good way to feel right now, even if only for moment.” – Kedz Drake Katsunaga – Dayondon of www.pinkflushedcheeks.com

Kedz and her son

“I work four days a week, eight hours a day but I make sure to take breaks every now and then to avoid burnout. I also developed a schedule to exercise every 5PM to help keep my headspace clear. I have been reading books, watching TV shows and movies, and of course spending more time with Zayn. Sundays are rest days for me where I give myself permission to be lazy just to let my body and brain recover to keep me up and running again for the coming days.” – Janine Ella Anongos of www.offdutymama.com

The author of this article, Janine Anongos during her workout from home

“I don’t have a quarantine pass so I can’t go out at all. My mother does the groceries once every two weeks. My two other brothers are in Cebu City overlooking our apartment. During the quarantine, I’ve been using the free time to exercise, eat healthy and play Mobile Legends. As a family, we each have our own chores so we are a “functional movement” hahahaha ” says Sinjin Pineda, blogger of Sinjin.Life

Sinjin Pineda and his family

Everyone reacts and copes differently to a situation like this. Feeling sad, anxious, scared, or angry is perfectly normal at times like these. We are all going through this crisis and we are all just hoping everything gets better the soonest. For now, let’s do our best to get through this one day at a time. Fighting!

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