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Ruben Licera, Jr.: in-demand speaker, blogger and Certified Technopreneur to talk in SGSummit Cebu

September 15, 2012 inside the Rigney Hall of University of San Carlos-Talamban, a speaker highlighted the objectives, goals and aims of Google Developers Group Cebu. In the afternoon, he provided inputs about Technopreneurship to a group of college students. This was during the Software Freedom Day Cebu.

Ruben Licera, Jr., the speaker,  actively supported the event by imparting his knowledge during his talk in the afternoon while he transcended his role as the community manager of GDG Cebu  by inviting budding hackers from a pool of students during his morning presentation.

Time for the president of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. is tightly-woven and hence, extremely significant. With invitations here and there from different firms, media outlets and NGO’s and a home-based business he devoted for his family, Ruben Licera, Jr. is a notable example of a career-driven professional with life online and offline.

Despite the busy schedules and excruciating demands for his presence, Ruben still finds time for his family. His family is his therapy as he said, especially the cute little Thirdy that he nursed on a picture and proudly introduced in the social media sphere.

His business, RLComm International is where he gets his income primarily. His blogging duty as the leader of a premier blogging organization in Cebu is a quasi-job for him for he runs the organization voluntarily.

His family, career and his position in the blogosphere in Cebu and in the Philippines have driven him to where he is now.

Ruben Licera, Jr. is a Certified Internet Marketing Expert, Community Manager of Google Developers Group Cebu, Founder of New iMedia, president of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. and the head organizer of blogging events such as Visayas Blogging Summit 2011, Social Media Day Cebu and the upcoming Social Good Summit Cebu. Those are just a few credentials that he holds.

The leader of the blogging society heads the organizing body of Social Good Summit Cebu. His presence is also relevant as he will speak about the state of the blogosphere of Cebu.

Social Good Summit Cebu will highlight the importance of social media and how it can be used for social change. Bloggers and social media professionals will impart different ideas and insights about certain topics.

Ruben Licera, Jr. will speak about the “State of the Social Media Scene in Cebu”. His talk is to be looked forward to and should not be missed as his presentation can be seen as viable source for marketing professionals aiming to know the real state of social media in Cebu.








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