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McFloat Rainbow Medley will Make Your Summer a lot Better

McFloat Rainbow Medley is one sure way to beat the scorching heat of the summer sun! Your summer will now be a lot better!

McFloat Rainbow Medley
Complete your summer experience with McFloat Rainbow Medley

Finally, summer bonding with family and friends will be much more fun and imagination will soar as this summer McFloat collection will send you to heavenly delight.

Serve your summer season thirst with McDonald’s wonderful array of colorful McFloat Rainbow Medley, with flavors made for you, me, and everybody!

McFloat Rainbow Medley Variants

You’ve got 5 wonderful variants to choose from: Lychee, Green Apple, Melon, Strawberry, and Melon.

Every medley is created with the perfect amount of bubbly soda fizz paired with creamy and cold soft serve which will surely make your imagination float into colorful streams!

On top of the 5 colorful variants, Coke McFloat is here to stay! In fact, it’s the bestseller of all the variants available!

McFloat Rainbow Medley goes well with every family and friends get-together. They will let the good times roll!

McFloat Rainbow Medley
McFloat Rainbow Medley has 5 yummy and colorful flavors to choose from (photo from McDonald’s Philippines Twitter Account)

McFloat Rainbow Medley Finds a Perfect Combination

You no longer have to munch on your boring merienda because McFloat Rainbow Medley has finally found a perfect snacktime partner, the world-famous McDonald’s French fries! The McFloat and Fries Combo is for you to grab!

This combination is a perfect mix of everything in balance. You get a salty and crunchy feel for the French fries while your tongue fizzles with the zesty and bubbly feel of the McFloat.

You don’t have to be doubly jealous because McDonald’s knows you’re in for a nice treat.

A combination of any flavored McFloat Rainbow Medley paired with French fries goes for only Php 60 while the crowd-favorite Coke McFloat and French fries goes for only Php 55!

For those who want to enjoy McFloat Rainbow Medley on their favorite McDonald’s Value Meal, all you need to do is choose the option to Upfloat.

All the McDonald’s stores in our country offer all variants of McFloat Rainbow Medley, including our favorite Dessert Centers.

McFloat Rainbow Medley Ambassador
Thank you Rude World for capturing a great shot of Xian Lim, McFloat Rainbow Medley Ambassador.

How You Can Grab Your Own McFloat Rainbow Medley

Visit any McDonald’s store and have them for dine-in, take-out, drive-thru, delivery right through your doorstep by McDelivery (86-2-36), and by going online to McDonald’s Philippines website.

After you have enjoyed your share of happiness, you can share how your experience went through photos. Upload them all with the following platforms:

Enjoy your McFloat Rainbow Medley while you still can because summer only comes but once in a year!

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